Save time with patients & deliver improved quality

Rapidly focus on treating your highest-risk patients with Universal Health Screener.

Don't let your high-risk patients continue flying under the radar.

Because of new requirements every year, PCPs like you struggle to find time to fully assess your patients for risk of common conditions. Frustrated not knowing where to turn, many PCPs are concerned about missing key patient needs. At Universal Health Screener, we don’t think you should struggle to have the time and tools to deliver the highest quality care.

What if, starting tomorrow, you screened every adult patient for risk of . . .

"As the proud husband of a family physician, I understand the concern about not having time to fully assess a patient's health risks. So I decided to leverage my success building software to create a simple solution accessible to everyone."

Improve your office flow in 3 easy steps


Step 1
Register with Universal Health Screener


Step 2
Follow the 10-minute setup plan


Step 3
Start finding more high-risk patients now

"Instantly improve care quality and efficiency without needing to talk to IT or Finance."

-Mark Ulett, PhD, COO at Universal Health Screener


Patients take the screener on their smartphone.


We don't retain PII or PHI.
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Let patients keep their germs on their own phones.


Requires mere minutes to generate billing codes.

You should use Universal Health Screener because you want to...

Improve Care Quality

by focusing on high-risk patients

Improve Care Efficiency

with a 5-minute screener that replaces 45 minutes with a Medical Assistant.

Improve Health Outcomes

by treating preventable conditions early

Generate Additional Revenue

without you adding additional employees. 2000 Medicare patients/year yields $18,000 in direct reimbursement.

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Seamless integration with your office workflow


Receptionist asks Patient to take the screener
at on their phone
or computer (whichever is easiest for them)

icon of waiting room

Patient takes the screener
while in the waiting room, in their car,
or wherever they are before their visit


Physician asks the patient to show them
the results by holding up their phone
(or by receiving a secure email with the
premium plan)


Patient schedules follow-up visit
if more time is

Medical assistant imports results from screener into
the patient's medical record & generates
billing codes